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8 Questions That Guide Young Adult Life

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NAVIGATE: 8 Questions that Guide Young Adult Life is a Bible study series specifically designed to be taught to young adults between the ages of 18 and 35. During this period in life, critical decisions are made concerning major decisions in their lives. It is our prayer that this curriculum will assist young adults across the world who are on God’s road trip to navigate their course of life using the principles given to us in the World of God.
NAVIGATE is designed to be practical and applicable for use in any setting, such as Sunday School classes, cell groups, home Bible study groups, campus ministry meetings, individual devotion time, and countless other possibilities. In this Series we explorer five Biblical principles that help us in our relationships.
- To Thine Own Self
- Connected to the Source
- Serving the Kingdom
- All In The Family
- A Friend Indeed
- Till Death Do us Part…?
- You’re Commissioned
- Giving Is a Heart Condition
- Career Choice?
- The Financial Plan
- Out of Bounds
- Monetary Emancipation
- Who Makes The Rules?
- Price Tag for Happiness
- Accidents Happen

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