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Adult - Lesson Manual - Spring 2019

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Living By Faith
This quarter we are going to look through the final chapters of the Book of Acts, along with epistles to the Ephesians, Philippians, and Colossians, and a short letter to a man named Philemon. Together we will watch how the early church not only professed their faith, but they also lived it out in a world that had missed the initial visit from its Savior.

The Adult Lesson Manual provides a lesson for each week in the quarter with commentary to assist the teacher in preparing for and presenting the lesson. The first page of each lesson provides a Focus Thought, a Focus Verse, and the printed verses in the Lesson Text. A Culture Connection begins the second page of the lesson and is designed to show how the lesson applies to today’s culture. An outline follows, leading into the lesson commentary. Questions are interspersed throughout the lesson to foster reflection and application of Scripture.

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