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Beginner Teachers Manual Fall 2019

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Fall Topic: I–II Samuel, I Kings, and I–II Chronicles
Fall Décor Theme: Museum Adventures

During the fall quarter, students will examine the lives of Samuel, Saul, and David. They will explore Bible history with hands-on exhibits and interactive lessons. Students will also be led on a tour of leadership qualities modeled by biblical characters to discover how they too can be called by God to make a difference in their world.

First and second graders (typically ages 6-7) are fun to teach, as it is exciting to see the “light bulb” moments when they get what is being taught. This group is ready to move past basic facts and start grasping concepts that go beyond mere echoing of “Our God is one.” Age-appropriate crafts, games, discussion questions, and Bible stories will lead them to understand in their hearts and minds that our God is one! As God’s story is told through active interaction such as puppet skits, drama role-play, echoing, and expressive storytelling, your beginners will learn that they too are key players in His story today. Options to include every learning style (e.g., music, logic, movement, introspection) somewhere in the session allow the teacher to pick and choose what will work best for the students’ capabilities.

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