Publishing Your Work

Word Aflame Press Publishing

Each year, Pentecostal Publishing House accepts a limited number of titles to publish under Word Aflame Press and its imprints—WAP Academic and WAP Children. If you have a manuscript you would like Word Aflame Press to publish, please submit it according to our Manuscript Guidelines, which can be downloaded here.

Publishing Services

Self-publishing can be a daunting task. It requires content development, page layout, cover design, printing, warehousing, inventory control, marketing, and sales. Pentecostal Publishing House offers several opportunities to assist authors in publishing their work.

PPH Distribution

For self-published authors already in print, we offer PPH distribution services. We will add your product to our inventory and make it available on our website, in our catalog, and at major events such as General Conference. Additionally, we offer print-on-demand services to streamline the reprinting process and eliminate inventory warehousing.


One of the fastest growing segments of the publishing industry is the e-book—exploding from $11 million in U.S. quarterly sales in 2008 (Q1) to $120 million in quarterly sales in 2010 (Q3). Now Pentecostal Publishing House is offering you the opportunity to publish your book as an e-book and have it available for the most popular e-book readers on the market!

• Your book will be made available on Apple’s iBooks® Store, Amazon’s Kindle Store, and Barnes & Noble’s NOOK™ Store.
• Your book will be made available on PPH’s iPad and eReader apps.
• Your e-book will be promoted through the extensive marketing efforts of the Pentecostal Publishing House.
• You will receive regular sales reports and royalty payments.

How to ePublish with PPH
• Prepare Your Manuscript
- We accept PDF, Microsoft Word, and Apple Pages formats
• Complete an Electronic Publisher’s Agreement
- Request this agreement from
• Submit your manuscript, the Electronic Publisher’s Agreement, and conversion fee to Pentecostal Publishing House.

Advertising Services

With over 3,000 products carried by Pentecostal Publishing House, some products may not get the attention they deserve. Therefore, PPH offers to self-published authors several ways to bring their product to the forefront.

PPH Website Ads has more than 15,000 visitors per month from over 100 countries. We invite Apostolic authors and artists to purchase banner or spot advertising, or featured product placement, on the PPH home page to promote the sale of their product in this worldwide online venue.

PPH Catalog Ads

Four times a year, Pentecostal Publishing House produces a thirty-six page, full-color catalog that is direct mailed to over 30,000 households, churches, and businesses. Authors and artists can purchase full, half, or quarter page ads in this catalog to promote their book or project.

General Conference Video Ads

Each year Pentecostal Publishing House produces and displays thirty second video ads on the main screens prior to each General Conference service. A limited number of these ad spots are available for authors, artists, and service providers. You can produce your own ad or we will produce it for you with our professional in-house production capabilities.

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